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Keystone Employment Group has been providing staffing solutions to support the strategic goals of the Education Sector for over a decade by creating bespoke Talent Bank Solutions for Educational Institutions, Universities and Colleges.

By focusing on student employability we encourage Institutions to promote an ‘Earn as you Learn’ programme, with the option to build a diverse ‘Talent Bank’ made up of a skilled flexible and permanent workforce.

We have spent years gaining a deep understanding of the challenges and issues you face on a daily basis in order to achieve your organisational goals.

With a focus on ensuring your organisation is able to fulfil its talent requirements and avoid high recruitment agency fees Keystone’s Talent Bank Solution immediately adds value to your organisation.

Challenges facing the HEI, Education and Student Sector

Attracting Students

Time Consuming Manual Procedures

Pressure to Reducing Agency Spend

Reduce Compliance and HR Risk

Our Solution

Through our innovative Talent Bank Solution, Keystone delivers a bespoke offering unique in today’s educational sector. Using the latest technology we enable you to automate the talent attraction process along with maintaining those valuable relationships over far longer periods of time. In addition, we deliver high-levels of compliance checking, paperless automation and direct communication to enable managers to communicate and book quality talent when they need them.

Our Talent Bank solution allows you to support student employability, retain and share skills, experience and knowledge right across the whole organisation. In addition you can choose to partner with other educational organisations and share Talent Banks allowing greater flexibility and access to staff.

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