About Us

Talent Bank from Keystone provides an organisation with a complete suite of online tools for hiring and managing casual workers.

With a simple online search facility workers can be hired in seconds and with all compliance, timesheets and payroll facilities in one place, it’s never been easier to manage your temporary workforce.

Your talent pool. In the cloud.

Talent Bank is hosted in the cloud with Amazon Web Services, meaning your pool of talent is available safely and securely 24/7 in an ISO207001 compliant environment. With Talent Bank, you have a 24/7 recruitment service available anywhere in the world on any device.

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Talent Bank takes the whitelabel approach, meaning your branding, your requirements, your values are upheld through a powerful online recruitment and management solution for your casual workforce.

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Compliant. Convenient. Cost effective.

With a full suite of compliance and control measures built in, Talent Bank makes light work of ensuring casual workers are hired in an assured manner.

Upload passports, visas and supporting documents directly to a worker’s profile and rest assured that no worker can work until their ID checks are complete.

Manage the expiration of passports and visas directly, with hard controls to prevent non-compliant working. A full audit trail of all actions and automated safeguards ensure your organisation remains compliant and auditable.

Manage working hours with smart online timesheets that aggregate working hours across multiple work assignments with enough intelligence to handle term time rules for students in and out of term time.

Now hiring managers can conveniently approve timesheets from anywhere, on any device. No more paper timesheets, no more spreadsheets, no more missed deadlines.

Save time and money with a slick online service that can integrate directly with your payroll and finance systems, or, if you need it, Talent Bank can take care of the payroll in its entirety.

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