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The Digital Marketplace is a HM Government initiative to drive down costs in the public sector and make it easier for organisations to procure digital services without the need to tender.

G-Cloud is available to the entirety of the UK Public Sector and Keystone Talent Bank is a proud supplier to the Digital Marketplace framework, providing its cloud based Talent Bank solution to a multitude of organisations.

With Talent Bank, organisation can dramatically reduce their reliance (and spend) with recruitment agencies by having their own bespoke talent pool available online 24/7 for both temporary and permanent roles.

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Available via the Digital Marketplace without the need for a competitive tender process, it’s never been easy to save time and money on recruitment, whilst strengthening worker UKVI compliance and control over rates of pay and working hours.

For more information email us at info@keystonetalentbank.com or visit digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk