Keystone Talent Bank is now available to the NHS via the Crown Commercial Service (G Cloud) – making it easier than ever for Trusts to remove their reliance and spend on costly staffing agencies.

The healthcare workforce management revolution has started.

For too long the healthcare sector has been subjected to some of the most inflated staff agency fees, diverting vital funding away from frontline services and into paying agency middle men to access temporary workers. At the same time, workers are treated by agencies as a commodity rather than being offered work that allows their talent to be accessed and retained in a frictionless and convenient fashion.

Add into that mix a distinct lack of transparency, data, cost and compliance controls and you have a legacy industry that favours the agencies but not the employers nor the workers.

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Replace legacy, manual processes

Dispense with spreadsheets, manual timesheets, paper based hiring processes and inconsistent cost and compliance controls with a single secure portal for all hiring managers and workers to interact.

With a single ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified portal, Talent Bank is a proven application, customised and configured to each NHS Trusts needs and workforce requirements to reduce manual effort, opportunities for error and compliance gaps. The software does all the heavy lifting and controls, leaving managers free to manage.

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Improve Staff Retention

With an average turnover of staff in the NHS at around 12%, Talent Bank helps to reduce that to around 2% by making the whole process of finding workers and offering assignments dramatically faster, easier and more convenient – for both the employer and the worker.

Workers can line up their work assignments and hiring managers can find and hire temporary workers in just 3 clicks – 24/7 x 365, wherever they are in the world. No need to work through an agency who puts the workers into the highest bidder with no thought to worker retention.

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Reduce costs

Save upwards of 75% compared to staffing agency costs with a fixed cost annual fee or a ‘pay as you use’ model. No longer are your fees based on the worker’s salary. Because Talent Bank is delivered in a Software As A Service model you can have certainty of costs with NO cap on the number of users or the number of people hired.

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Faster, ‘Always on’ Recruitment

Talent Bank is available on any device 24/7 x 365 with no software to install and with full functionality wherever you are in the world. Find and hire staff, assign work, approve timesheets and plan your next hire wherever you are, around the clock and without waiting for an agency to respond.

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Transparency and Rich Management information

With every single stage of managing a worker a data point, now you can have daily, weekly and monthly reports on spend, trends, manager activity, cost centres, role types, worker groups, staff retention, savings and cost controls like never before.

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Suitable for all staff- Clinical and Administrative

Suitable for all staff- Clinical and Administrative
With its unique ‘Group’ feature you can create specific pools of workers in any discipline, whether clinical or non-clinical staff – and find and hire them in just 3 clicks. With a highly flexible interface to manage worker compliance, availability and timesheets you can manage a diverse workplace from a single platform.

Find, hire and manage suitable, experienced and qualified staff with the assurances of proven compliance, UKVI and identity controls across all disciplines:

  • Medical and Dental
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Allied Health Professions
  • Support Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Social Work
  • Health Science Services
  • Clinical Work Experience, Student Placements Volunteering

Arrange your free demo and find out now how Talent Bank from Keystone can save NHS Trusts time, money and mitigate risk.