For PfH

For PfH

Keystone Talent Bank is a proud supplier of Talent Bank solutions to Procurement For Housing (PfH).

As the leading procurement services provider to the housing sector, PfH works with organisations to achieve step-change improvements through a combined approach of delivering immediate cost savings at the same time as driving long-term benefit through smart and strategic improvement. Increasingly, PfH is the chosen procurement framework for wider parts of the public sector too, including higher education and health & social care.

Keystone is a long term partner and nominated supplier to PfH, providing its award winning Talent Bank Solution to PfH members across the UK. Because local authorities and the housing sector have a high dependency on experienced contingent workers, many organisations are keen to build their own talent pools for faster, more direct hiring with a reliance on third party agency- or their fees.

Talent Bank for PfH provides organisations with their own bespoke talent pool they can access 24/7 online with no agency fees – including for permanent workers.

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With Talent Bank, candidates can register online quickly and easily – making themselves instantly available for hire. Keystone create a bespoke website for the organisation and this allows managers to find, hire and manage workers across all disciplines in a matter of seconds.

Faster, more secure and with compliance, timesheets and cost controls all built in, it’s never been easier (or lower cost) to manage the work force. Talent Bank offers the option for either a fully outsourced payroll solution, or can integrate with an organisation’s existing payroll service.

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