Mintt – The new pay-as-you-go Online Recruitment Solution goes live, reducing recruitment costs by over 40%


London, UK, 26th March 2015:- Today Keystone Employment Group, the UK’s fastest growing provider of online recruitment solutions, has officially launched Mintt, the innovative and highly effective pay-as-you-go online recruitment platform. Providing a fresh approach for organisations to recruit personnel without the need for costly recruitment agencies, Mintt  utilises the latest in web advertising, social media and video interviewing technologies to provide an end-to-end recruitment service that can reduce costs by over 40%.

With more companies under pressure to reduce their agency and overall recruitment costs, Mintt provides a fixed cost recruitment solution, fully available online, which makes the recruitment process fast, efficient and easy to manage without sacrificing the quality of candidates that you attract. Mintt can be used for all sizes of business, and as part of the launch is offering selected clients to fill their first vacancy for free. However, to fill single vacancies at a time with a pay-as-you-go model will cost as little as £299, or companies can purchase high value ‘bundles’ which make it even more cost effective when filling multiple vacancies.

“The recruitment landscape is changing, with more firms no longer able to justify the fees that recruitment agencies charge to fill low to mid-level vacancies”, said Malcolm Paice, COO Keystone Employment Group.  “In addition, they want to streamline and better manage the way they use the online job boards as well as the filtering and qualification of their shortlist of suitable candidates. This is exactly what we have built Mintt to do. It provides a single online platform that allows businesses to remain in control of the entire recruitment process from start to finish. In addition, rather than having fees based on a percentage of the salary, Mintt simply provides a fixed cost service, so the expense of hiring new staff is dramatically reduced.”

Mintt enables companies to distribute their adverts out across multiple channels. It connects into a large database of potential candidates and also harnesses online advertising and social media to cast vacancies out to a wider pool of potential candidates. Mintt then delivers a qualified shortlist of candidates, screening each application by hand to provide you with the most valuable list of candidates. To further improve the recruitment process an online video interview facility can also help firms match their vacancy to suitable candidates far more quickly and efficiently.

Paice continued “Any busy recruitment professional will tell you that the first round of interviews can be a time consuming and often frustrating process. By providing first line interview facilities direct from our online tool, Mintt saves its users a massive amount of time, enabling businesses to get to their final shortlist of preferred candidates much faster.”

Mintt provides companies of any size with the tools they need to quickly upload a vacancy, detail the kind of person they need and then utilise modern technologies to get that position filled quickly and at a fixed cost. A number of businesses from a wide cross section of industries are now trialling the Mintt solution, and as part of the launch is offering selected clients to fill their first vacancy for free. For more information, go to