Student Employability – From Learning to Earning

Student Employability – From Learning to Earning

About Us

  • 50 Years experience in recruitment services
  • Good presence across B2B and B2P
  • Evolved from traditional agency to online solutions provider
  • Leading provider of Talent Bank solutions in Education sector
  • Approved supplier to LUPC and SUPC

Employability – Why it tops the agenda

  • HEI’s have recognised the need to provide students with more than academic qualifications to attract intake
  • Employers demand graduates with employable skills not just a degree
  • Students expect more for their tuition fees
  • Aim is to produce well educated graduates better equipped to land jobs and contribute to economy.

The Challenges & Opportunities

  • Provide students with meaningful work experience
  • Tap into student talent pool rather than costly external recruitment
  • Link businesses and employers with student base
  • Provide a meaningful and validated record of their student journey and employability skills
  • Arm students with skills and experience to attract employers

What is a Talent Bank and how does it help?

  • Connects an organisation with bespoke pool of talent
  • Supports student employability
  • Provides an online in-house recruitment service
  • Provides rich MI/reporting
  • Full audit trail of the student journey
  • Provides the student with a validated Professional Employability Profile (PEP) to compliment their HEAR and CV
  • Universities and their business partners post job vacancies, work experience, assignments etc
  • Search the talent pool of available and suitable students
  • Also search for external candidates at no extra cost
  • Automatically update a student’s PEP profile with experience and achievements
  • All compliance, onboarding and payroll managed if required

Example Talent Bank

Corporate Partners

Talent Bank

Personal Employability Profile (PEP)

Personal Employability Profile


  • Single online portal immediately links employers to students via the HEI’s own Talent Bank
  • Also provides a low cost external recruitment tool which reduces spend and VAT
  • Provides live audit trail & employability profile
  • Adds value to the HEI’s proposition
  • Fixed cost turnkey solution to multiple challenges
  • Proven results for a number of HEI’s

Download a full copy of the presentation here: Keystone-PlaceNet-2015.pdf