Student Employability. Sorted!

Student Employability. Sorted!

Your Talent Bank. Your Way.

Keystone provide cloud based software solutions for universities, but that doesn’t mean everything follows the same template – we believe in delivering services that support your institution’s branding, values and messages.

Designed to fit seamlessly within your university’s website or intranet we create a Talent Bank solution that fits with your organisation, your staff and your students.

Secure access means your internal managers gain control of the recruitment process like never before, with policy driven configurable and an easy to use interface.

Your students gain 24/7 access to their online profile – a true ‘employability passport’ that details all their academic and vocational achievements in a secure, validated portal. All this is done carrying your university branding and messaging.

Our cloud based solution works on any device, so now your student services don’t need to stop outside of working hours.

Student Employability. Sorted.

For too long colleges and universities have struggled with how to bring their business partners and students together to ensure opportunities to learn and earn can happen dynamically and outcomes can be properly measured.

If you were asked how many hours of work experience or paid work had been offered by your business partners to your students last year how easily could you answer that question?

Keystone Talent Bank makes light work of this entire requirement. All students are given a safe and secure, highly detailed profile where their skills, interests and requirements are detailed. Firms can offer assignments, work experience, voluntary and paid work directly through the portal and get matched to available and suitably skilled students. The university maintains oversight and control and, crucially, reporting data.

By making the process of work opportunities and placements online and dynamic the process is fast, easy and low cost. Students and employers, as well as the university management gain a sense of immediate engagement and the ability to monitor progress 24 hours a day, wherever they are in the world.

Keystone Employment Group is the leading provider of online student employability and recruitment services in the education sector and is a fully approved supplier all major education purchasing and procurement frameworks, including LUPC, SUPC, NWUPC, NEUPC, APUC and HEPCW.

Our Talent Bank solution is a one-stop-shop to boost your students’ chances of getting work placements as well as dramatically reducing your internal recruitment costs.

Keystone is always happy to come and visit your college or university and provide a relaxed, no-hard-sell presentation of how Talent Bank could work for your organisation.

For further information, please email or call us on 0844 225 1010