Could a Talent Bank work for your university?

Could a Talent Bank work for your university?

Higher education institutions have more to do than ever before. As well as delivering a world class education to students they must also do more to ensure the employability of their students by equipping them with the skills and experience employers seek.

A university must be able to offer its students work experience and connections with businesses who may one day be the firms who take graduates and convert them into earning employees.

At the same time a university is like any other large organisation or business – it relies on its people and needs to employ and engage people in a wide range of part and full time roles. However, educational institutions are very different from other businesses in one important respect – they cannot reclaim VAT, so if a university is using a recruitment agency to source talent there is a lot of cost to absorb.

With so much additional scrutiny on student employability and the need to save on recruitment costs, do universities even have ready access to the data that tells them what they are currently doing and how they are addressing these problems? Often laying hands on that crucial management information is slow at best and at worst the information is simply not available.

The Keystone Talent Bank solution addresses all of these issues with a single, secure online portal that gives a school, college or university everything it needs to save money on its own recruitment whilst also enabling businesses to offer work placements to students and delivering a rich suite of management information.

Keystone Employment Group is the leading provider of online student employability and recruitment services in the education sector and is a fully approved supplier all major education purchasing and procurement frameworks, including LUPC, SUPC, NWUPC, NEUPC, APUC and HEPCW.

Our Talent Bank solution is a one-stop-shop to boost your students’ chances of getting work placements as well as dramatically reducing your internal recruitment costs.

Keystone is always happy to come and visit your college or university and provide a relaxed, no-hard-sell presentation of how Talent Bank could work for your organisation.

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