Oil, Gas & Energy Recruitment

Keystone has been quick to recognise that the current economics in the oil and gas sector require a far more cost efficient solution for the engagement of temporary and contingent workers. Our DirectTemping online solution for managing any number of temporary workers is ideal for the energy sector as it dramatically reduces the cost and resources needed to manage a highly flexible operation that relies on a workforce that is equally flexible. Benefits of the DirectTemping solution for the oil, gas and energy sector include:

  • Create your own online database of talent and workers, with a detailed profile of their specific skills, qualifications and availability
  • Create ‘favourite’ workers to be selected for specific projects or based on their skill-sets or rota-availability
  • Immediately check compliance, availability and up-to-date certifications of workers
  • Immediately offer work, for any period of time, to temporary workers in your pool – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Online timesheets and approval process make light work of the entire payroll process
  • Weekly or monthly payroll services at very low cost per head
  • Online worker management tool enables easy management of the workforce wherever they are in the world
  • Reduce the need for costly recruitment agencies and their fees. Zero temp-to-perm fees when you are tapping into your regular talent pool

For a demonstration of how DirectTemping can substantially reduce your temporary workforce overheads, whilst ensuring you have direct access to the experienced oil, gas and energy workers you need: