Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Recruitment

Keystone gets customer success. We understand it. Perhaps this is why we’re so good at helping firms find the talent they need for their customer facing functions.

Sales. Your Business. Developed.

Finding good people to grow your business is some of the hardest hiring you’ll ever do. You want people who get results – but aren’t too….salesy. You want people that can communicate effectively and form relationships but with a commercial acumen that will put you ahead of your competitors.

That’s never easy. Finding people with those skills sets who can also adapt to your specific sector is even harder. It’s perhaps no wonder than hiring sales and business development staff is among the slowest areas of recruitment across many companies.

Keystone understands this and that’s why we make point of compiling candidates over long periods of time, from a multitude of sectors, whether they are actively seeking work or simply interested in learning about new opportunities.

More importantly we take the time to really understand your business. Your sector, products and needs.
Not just that, but we will also work with you to test and interview candidates and train and induct them once you’ve found the talent you crave. We know that you have to invest time and understanding if your sales people are to garner success.

A passion for marketing talent.

The digital era has changed marketing forever. What hasn’t changed is the need for creative, astute and engaging talent.

Whether you need a junior assistant to help out on campaigns and SEO/PPC work or an experienced marketeer, Keystone has access to some of the most unique marketing talent across the UK. Our strong presence in marketing is driven by our formidable networking ability, as we connect to firms and individuals with remarkable talent that can revolutionise the way you connect with your clients.

Roles filled in past 12 months include:

  • Digital Marketing Assistants
  • SEO and PPC campaign managers
  • Start Up Marketing specialists
  • Marketing Designers and Production teams
  • Head of Marketing

Customer Services

Whether you need back office support staff, call centre agents, outbound callers, lead generators, or customer query handlers, Keystone has one of the largest databases of customer service candidates in the UK.

Call Centres

We supply temporary, permanent and contract call centre staff to a diverse range of international businesses.
We have supplied contact centre staff to an incredible array of sector and industries. We understand the seasonality and the need to flex staffing from busy times to low season lulls. Our online Direct Temping solution makes it easy for you to engage staff only when and where you need them the most.

Whether you are re-locating an existing operation, consolidating contact centres or simply have an ongoing issue with turnover of staff, we will not only help you secure and retain talent as you need it, but can also provide some vital industry experience on how to best optimise your call handling capabilities- whether inbound or outbound calling.

Customer Service Staff.

Your business takes customer service and support seriously. So do we. Whether you need temporary or permanent team members to provide excellent customer service, we have the experience in finding talent to fit your organisation and its values around customer success.

Keystone has provided customer service and support staff at all levels to a wide range of organisations in both the private, public and third sectors.

For help in temporary or permanent recruitment in sales, marketing and customer service roles:

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