Keystone Payroll and Compliance Solutions


Keystone can operate your PAYE (Pay as you Earn) system. This tax payment method ensures the correct deductions and submissions for income tax and national insurance, including RTI are managed for you.

Compliance, Document
and Right to Work Checks

Keystone facilitates a full document and right to work check in line with the UKVI regulations to ensure the prevention of illegal working. Using our technology DirectTemping® allows for full management of documents and expiry notifications.

Limited Company /
Umbrella Company Service

We can administer payroll for both self employed workers who have their own Limited Company or Contractors who choose to be via an Umbrella Company Service . We have a partnership in place with I4 Group Ltd for workers who wish to be set up with a new Umbrella Company.

Background Screening

Disclosures DBS provided by @lantic Data provide our disclosure management service. This is a completely electronic online system which enables us to manage disclosure applications in a fast, paperless and error free way. Removing the need for paper forms, no applicant signatures and no reliance on the postal service.

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