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A Talent Bank solution from Keystone can revolutionise your organisation, how it engages with your internal pool of talent and can help you dramatically reduce recruitment costs whilst boosting staff retention.

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    What is a Talent Bank?

    A Talent Bank is an online portal that allows you to harness your own internal pool of talent and make it immediately available to people in the organisation that require staff for short or long term assignments of any kind. Your Talent Pool might only comprise your existing staff pool, so you can offer them internal opportunities, or you may include other groups (local jobseekers for example) or, if you are a college or university, your student base can form the talent pool.

    Rather than solely looking for external candidates, a Talent Bank allows you to build your own pool of talent.

    How does it work?

    Keystone will build you a web-based Talent Bank to fit your organisation. You have a customised web tool, that allows hiring managers to place job vacancies and assignments directly in the web portal.
    Your Talent Pool (ie candidate workers) simply register and create a profile and can apply for roles or can be searched for directly by the hiring manager. Smart alerts notify the talent pool whenever a suitable opportunity arises, rather than requiring the candidate to monitor for job adverts. Managers can search the Talent Pool based on skills, keywords etc and directly offer assignments of any nature to the worker.

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    Complete Managed Service

    Your organisation may only desire the need to connect hiring managers to workers, but maybe you need a full end to end temporary and permanent online staffing solution? Keystone can provide a fully managed Talent Bank service that includes:

    • Full temporary and permanent staff online recruitment portal
    • Payroll and timesheet – all secure and online
    • Compliance and Eligibility check service
    • Back office support and Customer Support services

    The benefits of using a Talent Bank

    • Reduce your reliance and spend on external recruitment agencies
    • Create your own recruitment portal
    • Control spend and policy direct from the portal
    • Make recruitment an online 24/7 function rather than rely on paper process
    • No fixed monthly costs (dependent on solution)
    • Improve employability and retention of the talent pool by offering more opportunities
    • Open up your Talent to third parties- and monetise your talent

    For PfH

    Keystone Talent Bank is a proud No 1 Ranked Supplier of Talent Bank solutions for Procurement For Housing (PfH).

    As the dedicated procurement services provider to the housing sector, PfH works with the housing sector to achieve step-change improvements through a combined approach of delivering immediate cost savings at the same time as driving long-term benefit through smart and strategic improvement.

    Keystone joins PfH as a No 1 Ranked Supplier, providing its award winning Talent Bank Solution to PfH members across the UK. Because the housing sector has a consistent requirement for experienced contingent workers, there is a legacy of high spending with recruitment agencies – who can charge a high premium.

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    Talent Bank for PfH provides organisations with their own bespoke talent pool they can access 24/7 online with no agency fees – including for permanent workers.

    With Talent Bank workers can register online quickly and easily and instantly become available for hire within the housing sector. Keystone create a bespoke website for the housing organisation and this allows managers to find, hire and manage workers in a matter of clicks.

    Faster, more secure and with compliance, timesheets and cost controls all built in, it’s never been easier (or lower cost) to manage the work force. What’s more, permanent recruitment is completely free of charge via the Talent Bank portal, meaning temp-to-perm recruitment fees are a thing of the past.

    Contact us today at to arrange a free demo of Talent Bank for PfH.

    For G-Cloud

    The Digital Marketplace is a HM Government initiative to drive down costs in the public sector and make it easier for organisations to procure digital services without the need to tender.

    G-Cloud is available to the entirety of the UK Public Sector and Keystone Talent Bank is a proud supplier to the Digital Marketplace framework, providing its cloud based Talent Bank solution to a multitude of organisations.

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    With Talent Bank, organisation can dramatically reduce their reliance (and spend) with recruitment agencies by having their own bespoke talent pool available online 24/7 for both temporary and permanent roles.

    Available via the Digital Marketplace without the need for a competitive tender process, it’s never been easy to save time and money on recruitment, whilst strengthening worker UKVI compliance and control over rates of pay and working hours.

    For more information email us at or visit

    For more information on our Talent Bank solutions:

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