We know universities

We know universities

We know universities

Talent Bank from Keystone is revolutionising how universities and other educational institutes handle temporary and permanent staffing, compliance, timesheet & payroll services whilst enhancing their student employability and careers programmes.
The 24/7 Job Shop

The 24/7 Job Shop

The 24/7 Job Shop

Talent Bank provides universities with a 24/7 Job Shop in the cloud to offer students work opportunities wherever they are in the world

No more paper

No more paper

No more paper

Talent Bank provides automated offering of jobs, work profiles and timesheets in the cloud 24/7

Compliance. Sorted.

Compliance. Sorted.

Compliance. Sorted.

Right to work, visa expiration, Tier IV worker controls and working hour limits are all managed in one place with Talent Bank

No more agency fees

No more agency fees

No more agency fees

With your own 24/7 talent solution you can dispense with recruitment agencies and their fees

The talent you need. In just 3 clicks

The talent you need. In just 3 clicks

The talent you need. In just 3 clicks

Finding, hiring and managing the talent you need has never been easier, simply search your custom database or post job ads

Flexibility as standard

Flexibility as standard

Flexibility as standard

With no software to install and the most configurable product on the market, Talent Bank makes it easy to get going



Cost effective

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About Us

Talent Bank from Keystone provides an organisation with a complete suite of online tools for hiring and managing casual workers.

With a simple online search facility workers can be hired in seconds and with all compliance, timesheets and payroll facilities in one place, it’s never been easier to manage your temporary workforce.

Your talent pool. In the cloud.

Talent Bank is securely hosted in the cloud via world-leading Amazon Web Services and is fully certified to ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials. This means your pool of talent and all associated tools to hire and manage those workers is available 24x7x365 safely and securely from any device with no software to install.

Talent Bank is deployed in a white label approach, so your service is all accessed via a highly optimised web-app, customised with your messaging, branding and workflows

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Compliant. Convenient. Cost effective.

With a full suite of compliance and control measures built in, Talent Bank makes light work of ensuring casual workers are hired in an assured manner.

Upload passports, visas and supporting documents directly to a worker’s profile and rest assured that no worker can work until their ID checks are complete.

Manage the expiration of passports and visas directly, with hard controls to prevent non-compliant working. A full audit trail of all actions and automated safeguards ensure your organisation remains compliant and auditable.

Manage working hours with smart online timesheets that aggregate working hours across multiple work assignments with enough intelligence to handle term time rules for students in and out of term time.

Now hiring managers can conveniently approve timesheets from anywhere, on any device. No more paper timesheets, no more spreadsheets, no more missed deadlines.

Save time and money with a slick online service that can integrate directly with your payroll and finance systems, or, if you need it, Talent Bank can take care of the payroll in its entirety.

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For Universities

Talent Bank

Talent Bank from Keystone is revolutionising how universities and other educational institutes handle temporary and permanent staffing, compliance, timesheet & payroll services whilst enhancing their student employability and careers programmes.

An assured and approved supplier

Talent Bank is fully ISO9001 Quality Management Certified, ISO14001 Environmental Management Certified,  ISO27001 Information Security Certified and holds Cyber Essentials accreditation. As an approved supplier to the Crown Commercial Service (G Cloud) framework and the PfH Procurment Framework, it’s easier than ever for universities to procure Talent Bank via direct call-off.

Build your own in-house agency

Many universities simply use Talent Bank as a low cost, fast and convenient way to hire casual workers and make sure they are compliant and secure.

Some go a stage further and create their own in-house fully fledge recruitment agency.

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Improve student employability

By running your own Talent Bank your students can all create a rich online profile, enabling your university and external business partners to view your talent and offer work assignments to students based on their skills, availability, interests and compliance. Monitor all work activity among the student base and improve your insight into the opportunities to learn-while-you-earn.

Low cost and VAT friendly

Keystone Talent Bank is available to procure directly from the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud framework and PfH procurement framework at ‘industry-best’ rates, assuring the best possible value for money. By moving to a Software As A Service model, universities can avoid traditional employment agency fees and their associated VAT being appended to worker salaries costs. 

We know universities

Talent Bank has been deployed in a wide range of universities- with every instance looking and feeling different. That’s because no two institutions are the same – and neither are their needs.

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Improve compliance and stay ‘audit-ready’

Dispense with high-risk legacy processes and paper-based controls by moving all compliance into a secure online solution with right-to-work information intrinsically attached to a worker profile.

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Update your timesheet and payroll services in one move

Your online Talent Bank portal automatically generates electronic timesheets for temporary workers, all completed and approved by managers online and processed in a matter of clicks. Choose to output a simple weekly file into your existing payroll service or use Keystone’s complete payroll solution – the option is yours.

Best in class for occasional teaching solutions

Talent Bank features one of the most developed solutions for occasional and visiting teaching staff, including Graduate Teaching Assistants, Visiting Tutors, Academic Contractors and Hourly Paid Lecturers. Traditionally, this area has been notoriously manual and laborious but Talent Bank makes it frictionless and logic-driven. Now your occasional teachers can manage all their assignments from the Talent Bank portal, with a tariff of rates for different activities and automatically generated contracts. Automation does the heavy lifting so your HR team, and the teaching staff themselves, are freed from slow and manual processes.

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One platform for all casual workers

Whether under graduates, graduates, external casual staff, in or out of IR35, GTA’s, Teaching Assistants, Hourly Paid Lecturers or any other contingent workers, Talent Bank can do it all, with multiple workflows and tailor-made modules to accommodate specific cohort requirements. Job Families and Custom Groups make managing the whole workforce smarter and faster. Talent Bank processes nearly 2m hours of temporary work every year and is used by many of the leading institutions in the UK . 

For PfH

Keystone Talent Bank is a proud supplier of Talent Bank solutions to Procurement For Housing (PfH).

As the leading procurement services provider to the housing sector, PfH works with organisations to achieve step-change improvements through a combined approach of delivering immediate cost savings at the same time as driving long-term benefit through smart and strategic improvement. Increasingly, PfH is the chosen procurement framework for wider parts of the public sector too, including higher education and health & social care.

Keystone is a long term partner and nominated supplier to PfH, providing its award winning Talent Bank Solution to PfH members across the UK. Because local authorities and the housing sector have a high dependency on experienced contingent workers, many organisations are keen to build their own talent pools for faster, more direct hiring with a reliance on third party agency- or their fees.

Talent Bank for PfH provides organisations with their own bespoke talent pool they can access 24/7 online with no agency fees – including for permanent workers.

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With Talent Bank, candidates can register online quickly and easily – making themselves instantly available for hire. Keystone create a bespoke website for the organisation and this allows managers to find, hire and manage workers across all disciplines in a matter of seconds.

Faster, more secure and with compliance, timesheets and cost controls all built in, it’s never been easier (or lower cost) to manage the work force. Talent Bank offers the option for either a fully outsourced payroll solution, or can integrate with an organisation’s existing payroll service.

Contact us today at info@keystonetalentbank.com to arrange a free demo of Talent Bank for PfH.

For G-Cloud

The Digital Marketplace is a HM Government initiative to drive down costs in the public sector and make it easier for organisations to procure digital services without the need to tender.

G-Cloud is available to the entirety of the UK Public Sector and Keystone Talent Bank is a proud supplier to the Digital Marketplace framework, providing its cloud based Talent Bank solution to a multitude of organisations.

With Talent Bank, organisation can dramatically reduce their reliance (and spend) with recruitment agencies by having their own bespoke talent pool available online 24/7 for both temporary and permanent roles.

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crown commercial service supplier

Available via the Digital Marketplace without the need for a competitive tender process, it’s never been easy to save time and money on recruitment, whilst strengthening worker UKVI compliance and control over rates of pay and working hours.

For more information email us at info@keystonetalentbank.com or visit digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk


Keystone Talent Bank is now available to the NHS via the Crown Commercial Service (G Cloud) – making it easier than ever for Trusts to remove their reliance and spend on costly staffing agencies.

The healthcare workforce management revolution has started.

For too long the healthcare sector has been subjected to some of the most inflated staff agency fees, diverting vital funding away from frontline services and into paying agency middle men to access temporary workers. At the same time, workers are treated by agencies as a commodity rather than being offered work that allows their talent to be accessed and retained in a frictionless and convenient fashion.

Add into that mix a distinct lack of transparency, data, cost and compliance controls and you have a legacy industry that favours the agencies but not the employers nor the workers.

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Replace legacy, manual processes

Dispense with spreadsheets, manual timesheets, paper based hiring processes and inconsistent cost and compliance controls with a single secure portal for all hiring managers and workers to interact.

With a single ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified portal, Talent Bank is a proven application, customised and configured to each NHS Trusts needs and workforce requirements to reduce manual effort, opportunities for error and compliance gaps. The software does all the heavy lifting and controls, leaving managers free to manage.

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Improve Staff Retention

With an average turnover of staff in the NHS at around 12%, Talent Bank helps to reduce that to around 2% by making the whole process of finding workers and offering assignments dramatically faster, easier and more convenient – for both the employer and the worker.

Workers can line up their work assignments and hiring managers can find and hire temporary workers in just 3 clicks – 24/7 x 365, wherever they are in the world. No need to work through an agency who puts the workers into the highest bidder with no thought to worker retention.

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Reduce costs

Save upwards of 75% compared to staffing agency costs with a fixed cost annual fee or a ‘pay as you use’ model. No longer are your fees based on the worker’s salary. Because Talent Bank is delivered in a Software As A Service model you can have certainty of costs with NO cap on the number of users or the number of people hired.

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Faster, ‘Always on’ Recruitment

Talent Bank is available on any device 24/7 x 365 with no software to install and with full functionality wherever you are in the world. Find and hire staff, assign work, approve timesheets and plan your next hire wherever you are, around the clock and without waiting for an agency to respond.

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Transparency and Rich Management information

With every single stage of managing a worker a data point, now you can have daily, weekly and monthly reports on spend, trends, manager activity, cost centres, role types, worker groups, staff retention, savings and cost controls like never before.

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Suitable for all staff- Clinical and Administrative

Suitable for all staff- Clinical and Administrative
With its unique ‘Group’ feature you can create specific pools of workers in any discipline, whether clinical or non-clinical staff – and find and hire them in just 3 clicks. With a highly flexible interface to manage worker compliance, availability and timesheets you can manage a diverse workplace from a single platform.

Find, hire and manage suitable, experienced and qualified staff with the assurances of proven compliance, UKVI and identity controls across all disciplines:

  • Medical and Dental
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Allied Health Professions
  • Support Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Social Work
  • Health Science Services
  • Clinical Work Experience, Student Placements Volunteering

Arrange your free demo and find out now how Talent Bank from Keystone can save NHS Trusts time, money and mitigate risk.

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