Keystone Talent Bank wins most innovative leadership team (SaaS Category) at the 2023 UK innovation in Business Awards

Keystone Talent Bank wins most innovative leadership team (SaaS Category) at the 2023 UK innovation in Business Awards

More recognition as Keystone Talent Bank continues to disrupt the way Higher Education Institutions manage their casual contingent workforces.

Keystone Talent Bank – a leading provider of both temporary and permanent online workforce management solutions, is proud to announce that it has been recognised by The Innovation in Business Awards as having the most Innovative Leadership Team (SaaS category). This award is the latest in a number of accolades Keystone and its Talent Bank solution has received over the past few years.

 This latest award from Innovation in Business, was in recognition for the recent work the team at Keystone Talent Bank has completed for several universities across the UK, to address the challenges they face managing contingent workers, occasional teachers and visiting lecturers.

 Under the guidance of Malcolm Paice, Managing Director of Keystone Talent Bank, the team worked closely with its higher education clients to tailor its Talent Bank service to help develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that specifically meet the needs around hiring and onboarding workers, timesheet and time management and multi-rate payroll complexities as well as a need for increased transparency.

 “We have managed to put together a very special team at Keystone Talent Bank who not only truly understand the needs of each and every client, but are constantly looking for innovative solutions for existing long terms challenges,” said Malcolm Paice, Managing Director Keystone Talent Bank. “This award is the culmination of a lot of hard work, innovative thinking and a collaborative approach with our clients, who should also be recognised for their forward thinking. We are delighted to be recognised by Innovation in Business and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and disruption.”

 Under Malcolm’s guidance the business has developed a number of Talent Bank solutions that have become the benchmark across several sectors, specifically Education, Housing and the NHS. Their in-depth insight and innovative approach to problem solving through process and technology has enabled Keystone Talent Bank to consistently challenge and disrupt the traditional agency and workforce management business model.

 “Keystone stands out from the competition with the remarkable resilience and adaptation its technology stack is capable of delivering,” said Tony Garner, Judge and Technology & Finance Director at innovation in Business Awards. “It also services a much wider range of clients than even its closest competition. It has successfully dealt with some extraordinarily different use cases, functional requirements, and various other problems presented by prospective clients, solved these challenges every time, and delivered something to really address the client’s specific needs.”

 With a specific focus on the NHS, Housing and Higher Education, Keystone Talent Bank has made it a policy to bring in sector expertise to help best service its clients. In addition, its focus on customer service sets it apart from its closest competitors. Anup Mistry, Client Director at Keystone Talent Bank is a prime example of this approach as he focuses on supporting universities and other higher education institutions with their employability and workforce management.

 “I have been at Keystone for just over 9 years and my progression through the business in that time is proof that the flat hierarchy in a compact business is working well for our team and for our customers. Keystone has a strong culture of innovation where everyone is encouraged to challenge the traditional ways of working and this award from Innovation in Business is testament to that. We are very proud of the work we do,” commented Anup.